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The AMI Model 104 Flap Asymmetry Tester is an intelligent, hand-held electronic tester that is designed to facilitate the testing and alignment of the left and right flap asymmetry switches on the Gulfstream GII, GIII, and GIV aircraft. Since it is powered from the aircraft and requires no additional power source, it also tests the integrity of the flaps electrical system.

This tester has internal electronic logic that can automatically move the flaps to set the position of the reference asymmetry switch to the leading edge of the 'A' contact, thus defining a known set point. It also has an extremely sensitive phase error detection indicator, and a circuit for detecting serious phase errors that could lead to a FLAPS LOCKED condition.

This tester allows the technician the ability to test both asymmetry switches while only requiring access to one side of the aircraft, either side. When viewing the ASYMMETRY SWITCH POSITIONS indicator, the asymmetry switch accessed and connected is defined as the unit UNDER TEST, while the opposite side is defined as the REFERENCE unit.

Flap Asymmetry Tester

For the Gulfstream GII, GIII, & GIV

Model 104 Flap Assymetry Tester Power Switch Auto Switch Manual Run Switch Switch Position Display Flaps Locked Indicator Phase Error Indicator


Power Switch

Powered from the aircraft, the Model 104 helps check the flap's electrical system.

Auto Switch

Moves flaps and automatically stops at a repeatable reference position.

Manual Run Switch

Allows the technician the ability to manually move the flaps.

Switch Position Display

Shows the position of both asymmetry switches for comparison.

Flaps Locked Indicator

Indicates asymmetry condition that could cause the flaps to lock.

Phase Error Indicator

Indicates asymmetry switches are not perfectly synchronized.